About Anne Hobbs
Fees and Schedule

Anne Hobbs brings her experience as a world-class professional player to teaching all aspects of tennis, weaving together the Technical, Physical, and Psychological aspects of the game.  She helps students set individual goals then collaborates to achieve them. In particular, Anne strives to convey the value and tenants of HIGH PERCENTAGE TENNIS and a method of determining if errors are technical or mental —the end result is that players are empowered to perform better on the court, playing a more sound, efficient game, and making moment-to-moment adjustments based on her teachings.  All lessons are taught personally by Anne.

Private Lessons

This program is for players of all ages with varying degrees of tennis experience. Anne will assess your game, make corrective tips and provide drills for practice. Video analysis is available.

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Double Clinics

Four Players in the 2 hour lesson focusing on the high percentage aspect of playing doubles. The 1st hour emphasizes technique and fast paced specific doubles drills. The 2nd hour is match play with comments from Anne as to strategy and team communications.

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Consultations in the area of Sports Psychology

Anne provides consultations on the psychological issues affecting your tennis game, and how to manage them. Tennis is an emotionally laden game at all levels. Everyone can benefit from becoming aware of their thoughts and feelings during competition and practice. Anne has her degree in Psychological studies and has been training at the Mid-Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis to enhance her already considerable skills in this area. She uses this training to help her students resolve the inevitable blocks and resistances that crop up in tennis and all sports, and can make all the difference between a good enough player and one who realizes all his/her talents and abilities to the fullest.

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Monthly Doubles Tournaments

Anne organizes a round robin doubles tournament in which the competition is just the beginning: following the matches, Anne consults with the players, collectively and individually, sharing observations and advice on how to better understand their tendencies under pressure and suggesting ways to get more fun out of competing. For fees and schedule, click here.


Corporate Outings

Anne will work with you to devise and direct a customized special event for your corporate clients.  Possible components include a clinic, round robin matches, and/or a presentation or interactive discussion on the topic of Sports Psychology.  Anne also offers a talk and question-and-answer session about her years on the WTA Tour—describing what it was like to play in the Grand Slams, compete against legends such as Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, and her thoughts about how the game has changed. Call for more details.


U.S. Open Personal Accompaniment

This includes a private or group lesson in the morning followed by a day at the matches. Let Anne analyze the matches for you. A valuable experience for juniors interested in playing tournaments or for those of you adults who love tennis and will treasure an insider’s perspective on one of the world’s great tournaments. Anne has her own pass into the grounds but you will need to provide your ticket and a ticket in your box for Stadium court for Anne. Corporate groups are welcome.
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